I am the co-founder of Fotobuzz, a company which deliver photographic training in London since 2009. We offer Photo Walks throughout the year, photographic training for adults and photographic camps for children & teenagers during holidays.

Join us to exercise your eye, develop your skills or learn to have a better control of your camera. Our training programme is available on our site


"Thank you very much for the course, it was really great! Now I always have my camera on me and when I see something I like I take a picture! I know how to frame pictures and use my camera! My photos are much nicer to look at!" Agate, Teen Camp

"Valerie is a dedicated teacher. She accepts all the challenges given by her students. Her teaching is always very professionnal, full of energy and with a lot of genuine curiosity. Her sense of humour, her passion for photography, her in-depth knowledge and her ability to relate to people are all elements which made the training experience very rich and unforgettable" Patricia M, Adult Workshops & Photo Walks