Photography of children and family


Capturing the expression of a friend, a member of my family or a stranger, is what motivated my love of photography. Since the birth of my first child 18 years ago, I have specialized in photographing children of all ages. Children are natural models. I love observing and capturing those wonderful natural expressions that we all know and love.


I have been working as a professional photographer in London since 2003 and work regularly in nurseries, schools, for families, corporate clients and, for magazines. I run the business myself which means my clients get a very personal service.


I studied photography at KCC college and Westminster University (BA in Photography with Merits). I am the co-founder of Fotobuzz where I am also teaching and sharing my passion for photography.


So, if you are interested, please contact me and I would be delighted to discuss your particular needs.


Looking forward to hearing from you